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uglywormbabies's Journal

what the hell is it?
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This is a community dedicated to the posting and satirizing of the presently popular naga art found all over the internet, be it deviantART, VCL, FurAffinity, or Sheezyart. You can post your own atrocities, or those of others.

naga: a designation of supernatural beings, snakedemons, sometimes represented as mixed forms, half man half snake. They are distinguished by devout reverence toward the Buddha.

wormbaby: a small, usually crippled-looking beast that is supposedly half snake, but looks rather like the bastard of a human and an invertibrate. They can be distinguished by overtly fat, stubby tails, the lack of a nose, or by their crudely scrawled pencil outline.

Nothing found here should be taken too seriously. Have a sense of humor. Members here shouldn't consider themselves elitists, but rather cynical drunks with too much free time and access to search engines.
deviantart, horribly drawn pictures, nagas, sheezyart, snakes, ugly nagas, wormbabies, wtf